Air Cooler Symphony Silver-i PURE 9 litre remote control Just Rs.8490 - Amazon

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Price Reduced, 11 October 2017

Symphony Silver-i PURE 9 ltr air cooler @ Rs.6550

Amazon Brings Symphony Silver-i PURE 9-Liters Air Cooler with Remote Control Just Rs.8490. World’s 1st air cooler with multi-stage air purification, Electronic Humidity Control, Feather Touch Digital Control Panel, Easily Removable Water Tank, 3 Speeds with ‘Sleep Mode’ and ‘Natural Mode’.

8 thoughts on “Air Cooler Symphony Silver-i PURE 9 litre remote control Just Rs.8490 – Amazon

  1. I wanted to buy this cooler in this summer. i buy this for my shop. the body structure of the cooler attracts me and feature are also nice. the main feature which i like the most is, it has wheels so i can change its place whenever i want. my shop has very small space so i think this cooler is perfect for that. and symphony is well-known brand air coolers so i go with this.

  2. I bought siesta cooler for my parents. i am a satisfied symphony user so i bought this. siesta cooler is also very nice. it has 45 liter water tank capacity which i like the most because with this my parent not fill the water tank all the time. cooler is also has nice body structure so it takes very less space. the cooler also has inbuilt wheels so my parent can put it at any place without any once help. my parent like this cooler. i also like the cooler and suggest this cooler to everyone.

  3. My uncle’s new symphony silver cooler is very fine in work. I have symphony sumo cooler at my home but this cooler silver is more advanced. The body of the cooler is slim but then also it covers whole area in cooling. It has wheels inbuilt same as my cooler so my uncle can easily move it and place it wherever he wants. My uncle is very happy and satisfied after using this cooler and recommends all his friends and family member to buy this cooler. Really symphony coolers are best.

  4. My father bought one more symphony air cooler to gift his friend on his wedding. This time my father bought symphony silver cooler. The cooler looks very nice and attractive. It has some quality features like dust proof and shock proof body structure, large water tank with water level indicator. My father never compromised with their friend’s gift and he chooses the best thing for their friend. He’s friends is really happy with the performance of cooler and also recommend other to buy the cooler. Symphony coolers are cool very well and also a good gift for your dear family members and friends.

  5. Very nice cooler it almost 1 year completing this cooler in my home and it works same like first day of the cooler. When I purchased it I only targeting the summer because I am very much irritated by the summer. I use this cooler for whole night and day and it never give me any single trouble. one time when it motor got damaged I raised the complaint at that time Symphony Company gives their best after sales service to me and repair the cooler very fast. The engineer who came for the repairing is very nice in talking and gives all answer of my questions. When I am tired from office work and house work I only do one thing that sit in front of cooler and enjoy its cool and fresh air. The cooler fulfill my all need for cooling and I am very much this cooler. I am sure that my this summer is also beautiful like previous one with the cool air of this cooler.

  6. My sleeping hours got efficient when I got Symphony air cooler named Silver i at my place. The air flow is straight to my room with powerful auto swing technology. The chilly breeze which comes from the air cooler is so straight and powerful to get the hot room temperature onto a normal mode as soon as possible. Symphony gives a free trolley to this air cooler to make it easily accessible at home. This air cooler has a whisper quite performance. There is no noise it lets my family sleep without any disturbance. It gives powerful airflow due to it’s large fan size. The tall stylish and portable look of air cooler doesn’t make my home look awful. i suggest this cooler to all my friends and family members.

  7. Very nice cooler, my new symphony silver i is very good in looks and works. The cooler has a powerful air throw with auto swing facility. The cooler have one most important feature that it creates very less amount of voice rather I would say no amount of voice is generated by the cooler so I can sit in piece in front of cooler. It is more energy efficient and less power consumption. The powerful air throw is also works better and cools my whole room in very short time. It is easily move with its multi directional wheels so I enjoy the fresh air in all rooms of my house. It is very useful and beautiful cooler for small and tighter spaces. I am very glad to have this cooler at my home.

  8. I purchase symphony silver cooler for brother’s new shop. the cooler has many features which make my brother’s life easy and cool. the cooler’s body structure is very nice that it fits at any place. it has big water tank and the dura-pump technology of cooling so it throws the cool and fresh air with more power. the great part is, it comes with multi-directional wheels so he can change it place when require. he is happy with his cooler and enjoy the cool and fresh air all the time.

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