10 thoughts on “Air Cooler Symphony Diet 50T 50 Litre Only in Rs.8399 – Amazon

  1. I bought this cooler from shop near to my home. i am sad because it is sold here at low rate. But the product is very nice in quality. it have some good features also. It has big water tank capacity so it can run long time. and it has wheels also for moving so it reduces my strength for moving this. it has good air cooler technology named as Dura-pump technology. i like the cooler.

  2. one of my uncle said me about this air cooler,was very worried because it is little tough for me to select one company in air cooler when you have many in market for air cooler,but symphony has solved my all errors and doubts,i have bought Kaizen Jr. and i am using it till last winter,my summer was amazing cooling with this air cooler too,it has powerful 3 speed motor and auto louvers,and large water tank capacity too.the way symphony has served their services they are truly amazing.cool and pocket level combo symphony has served to us.

  3. I have bought super stylish and weight less Diet 50 cooler.The cooler which is specialized at spot cooling with its sleep timer function, tall at size and has automatic swing. Cooler has a multi dimensional wheels which moves just at a push. This cooler fulfilled all my expectations with keeping my family’s summer cool. Symphony air coolers make it a worthwhile experience. Symphony takes care not only of coolness but also about the smiles!

  4. 3 years ago i had bought an air cooler for my small space shop. I have very busy schedule when i am on my shop. Diet 50 air cooler consumes less space and it has wheels for mobility. So, for me it is really very easy to change it from here to there. Plus, this air cooler has powerful air throw with auto swing and high efficiency honeycomb pad too. So, this air cooler throws it’s air in my whole shop. We do not need the fan now because this air cooler satisfied fan’s requirement. I am really happy after buying symphony diet 50 air cooler.

  5. My new symphony diet 50i cooler is looks good and works very nice. I bought it because symphony is more popular and trustful company in current market and cooler is also in my budget. This cooler is cools the room very fast with its new technology of cooling. It has large water tank with empty water tank alarm so it is helpful to me because many times I forgot to fill the water in the tank. It has wheels also which make this cooler perfect, with this now I can easily change the place of the cooler wherever I sit in the room. It has remote control also so I can change the mode without any trouble. This cooler is perfect and I suggest all to buy this cooler for your home and enjoy the cool and fresh air at very cheap rate. I like this cooler very much and fully satisfied with it.

  6. This cooler is very comfortable in all part as I discus about its body, it is fits in any place of the house and covering most of the all part of the room. The capacity of cooling is unbelievable and its also runs for long time. This cooler is comes with remote control so it is very much helpful to me because my mother have a back problem so she can easily change the speed and off/on of cooler. It has some more features like large water tank with dura-pump technology which is nice and helpful to me. And the best part of the cooler is it has wheels for the portability of the cooler. Now I can easily change the place of the cooler and not purchase one more for second room like ac. I like this cooler very much and also believe that it will give cool and fresh air for all over the summer.

  7. I bought symphony diet 50t cooler in my home before 1 year. the cooler has some functions which are very nice and works very well. It has 50 liter water tank and it body structure is so nice that it can be fits in any corner of the room. And for that it also has wheels so anyone can easily move it from one place to another without any trouble. The body structure of the cooler is dust proof and shock proof also so I can pace it anywhere without any worry of shock or dust. I love my symphony air cooler because it is very nice at works and cools the room very fast.

  8. Recently I visited one place for my meeting at that place I show symphony air cool Diet 50t. I totally believe on the customer reviews that this product is amazing and the work durability is outstanding. I notice that my meeting is started on 10:00 am and it ends around 4:00 pm but the cooler not stops and no one can fill the water in the tank so I guess it has nice water tank capacity. One more thing which I notice over there is it has wheels so it is movable and the body structure is so nice that it moves very smoothly. it has nice looks and body structure which fits in any place without any trouble. The meeting is very nice with the cool air of this cooler.

  9. I bought symphony diet 50t. It works amazing. I enjoy my holidays in a better way now. The features of this cooler attracts me a lot. It is a small size cooler but with more useful stuff. I visited my friend yesterday and to my notice was the same air cooler. Symphony has made our life far better. We discussed all about the cooler, that’s the thing which we had in common. Diet has 50 liters of tank with empty alarm so that we don’t need to refill it. It has special ice chamber for maximizing the airflow. It has a remote to control from a distance and an inbuilt dock for remote placement. The one thing which attracted me and my friend was the size and shape. It comes in stylist look which suites my home decor and works effectively. We are thankful to symphony.

  10. I bought this cooler before a year and i use for all the time. this cooler has all the feature which i want. it has large water tank with empty tank alarm. it also has remote control system which i think the most helpful feature for me. the cooler has nice height and body structure that it covers all the area in cooling. it also consumes less electricity and saves my valuable money. thank you.

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